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Statewide Services

The Ohio School for the Deaf Statewide Services Department provides professional development, instructional support, resources, and evaluations for Ohio professionals, families and communities working with Ohio’s students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our programs and services are provided in the student’s home district, online at the Ohio School for the Deaf and through web-based technologies for schools and families who serve or have children with a hearing loss.

We value:

  • All deaf and hard of hearing students in Ohio regardless of how they communicate, are served by The Ohio School for the Deaf Statewide Services.
  • Collaboration with districts, organizations and agencies throughout the state.
  • Providing high quality services at little or no cost to school districts or families.
  • To share and promote best practices among all educational partners serving deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing learners in Ohio.
  • Families as decision makers.
  • Student self-advocacy.
  • Successful school transitions.


OSD Statewide Services Mission:

OSD Statewide Services is committed to serving all of Ohio's students who are deaf ,hard of hearing or Deafblind by providing supports and resources for families, school district s and their stakeholders. Our dedicated staff provide services to families and educators, respecting the student's communication modality.