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Athletics Registration and Eligibility

The Ohio School for the Deaf follows the athletics eligibility requirements set by the Ohio High School Athletics Association. Learn more about our eligibility requirements.

Registration for Sports



Register now for Winter and Spring Sports 

Basketball/Cheerleading Individual Practice in Person: January 24-March 4 (contact your basketball coaches!)

Track/Field Season: March 8th-May 20th (Games will be still on!)


Click the following link to register your student for sports through Final Forms, https://ossb-oh.finalforms.com/

We are collaborating with the Ohio State School for the Blind to host the OSD Athletic registration site. Follow the prompts to create your account making sure to select the Ohio School for the Deaf, create your students account and sign your forms

FinalForms assists high school athletic departments with online collection and management of student eligibility, coaching certifications, medical information, and much more.

OSD Athletic Code of Conduct

All student athletes must have a signed copy of the OSD Athletic Code of Conduct on file each school year.


  1. 1)  All players represent OSD. Players must conduct appropriate behavior on or off campus. Athletes MUST be good models everywhere.

  2. 2)  All Players will respect peers on the same team, opponents, coaches, officials, and fans. We will not tolerate any detrimental behaviors (i.e., Throwing tantrums or talking back) before, during or after the game.

  3. 3)  Respect the rules given by Athletic Director and coaches on BUS TRIPS and overnight stay at other schools.

  4. 4)  All players are required to have a Dr. excused note from practice or game. If you cannot practice, you have to attend the practice and watch your team.

  5. 5)  All players must accompany with the team either home or away when given a Dr. Note unless a serious attention is needed for rest when instructed by a doctor.

  6. 6)  If you need to miss practice or game for any reason, notify the coaches in PERSON yourself in advance. DO NOT ASK OTHER PLAYERS or others to inform the coaches for you.

  7. 7)  All players are committed to play with the team throughout the season. There will be no town privilege for those who quit the team.


  1. Sport is a PRIVILEGE for all athletes to participate and compete. School welcomes any players from grade 7 through 12 and age 13-19 years (If turning 19 on or after August 1) to play sports. Those turning 19 years of age before August 1 will not be eligible to play. YOU MUST EARN YOUR RIGHTS TO STAY ON THE TEAM.

  2. 2)  You must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above to play sports.

  3. 3)  If your GPA falls below 2.0, student-athlete will not be able to participate in games for 4 weeks

    and half after start of the new 9-week grading period. He/she can practice with the team during that 4 1⁄2 .If GPA is still below 2.0 after 4 1⁄2 weeks, she/he will be asked to leave the team. Student-Athlete may join other sports (New Season) after the new 9 week grading period, but will only be allowed to practice until GPA reaches above 2.0 after 4 1⁄2 weeks. Remember, student- athlete are here for an education-FIRST) Sports are second! During your 4 1⁄2 week, you are required to turn in your weekly report to our coaches or Athletic director on Fridays at lunchtime or under the door of AD office before 3:15pm. On your report, you will need to ask your teachers for your weekly averages of each subject and have your teacher initialize the form.

  4. 4)  In school suspension (ISS) is served for those who do not follow the rules on school campus. If a student-athlete receives a half day ISS, he/she will not be able to play 1⁄2 of the game that week. If a student-athlete gets a full day ISS, then he/she will not be able to dress up for the home game or accompany with the team for away games. If he/she gets an ISS on Friday, then he/she will not be able to participate in the game the following week.

  5. 5)  If a student will not be able to suit up for any sports practice or contest if he/she misses more than 4 period of classes due to illness during that day.

  6. 6)  If student missed school on Monday after a weekend sporting event without a Dr note, he/she will not be able to play the next game.