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                                                                    [Chris Kuhns, ASL teacher, playing the elephant sign language game with kindergarten students]

The spirit and liveliness are infectious as staff greets children each day in our Elementary School, grades K-5. The children and teachers are ready, willing, and waiting to learn. Elementary School at the Ohio School for the Deaf includes students in grades K-5, with an additional classroom for students with multiple disabilities. The regular school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:30. On Friday, the school day ends at 2:30. All elementary students complete all subjects following the curriculum mandates set forth by the Ohio Department of Education.

The curriculum is typical of any elementary program and includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.  In addition, students participate in American Sign Language class daily. Students also participate in elective classes on rotating basis. Elective classes may consist of Art, Physical Education, Computer Fun, Social Emotional Learning, and Library Exploration.

Students are grouped by reading abilities for Language Arts class and grouped by math skills for Mathematics class. Social Studies and Science curriculum is presented by grade level to same-aged peers. American Sign Language is the primary language of instruction. ASL is used to bridge to English in print. Based on each student’s need, American Sign Language and/or spoken English may be used in both academic and social settings.

Report cards and progress reports give parents and students a comprehensive picture of the student’s progress and attitude toward learning. Each student's progress is evaluated four times a year. The grades and the teacher comments reflect the student’s progress in reference to the mastery of the state standards and to the development of his/her work characteristics and social skills. Progress reports provide information regarding progress in areas identified in his/her IEP. 

Elementary School students participate in a variety of field trips throughout the school year. Each trip helps children to practice, experience, and expand upon the information they have worked on in class. Field trips may include going to the COSI science museum, the zoo, an art studio, a Columbus Clippers baseball game, the pumpkin farm, and a variety of others depending on the given year.