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Student Life

The Ohio School for the Deaf (OSD) is a residential state school offering housing and support services outside of the academic day for all students through the Student Life department. Student Life offers students the opportunity to become full-time residents through the academic week and gain 24-hour access to American Sign Language (ASL) and the support of the deaf community. Students receive educational support in a collaborative manner with academic educators and administrators communicating regularly with Student Life staff on the successes and challenges of each individual student. This allows for a unique and tailored response for growth both inside traditional classrooms and experiential learning in the residential setting. 

Students acquire the skills to live independently when their time at OSD has come to an end. Students reside in several dormitories throughout campus and are assigned duties and responsibilities that rotate over the course of an academic year and meet the needs of their Individualized Residential Plans (IRP). For those students who transition to the 4PLUS program later in their academic careers, Student Life offers a residential program that closely resembles true independent living with limited support from OSD staff. Students work towards beginning post-secondary education and/or off-campus jobs while living independently in the 4PLUS dormitory.

Learning does not come to an end at the close of the school day. The Student Life department offers custom-tailored programming and development opportunities as well as a variety of clubs and activities in which students may participate. Students are able to join groups like Jr. National Association of the Deaf and planning committees for Prom and Homecoming. Elementary and middle school girls can join the Girls on the Run and Hearth & Sole programs that teaches the importance of staying physically fit and positive relationship building. Off-campus experiences are provided to students of all ages throughout the year and regularly support the learning happening as part of Student Life. Strong deaf and hard of hearing role models provide exposure to deaf culture and mentors for the students. Programs for 4Plus students include preparing income tax forms, healthy eating, real estate, self defense, and healthy relationships.