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Our Mission

Our vision is to be the premier school which meets the needs of Ohio’s deaf and hard-of-hearing students and their families.

Our Mission

The Ohio School for the Deaf serves a diverse population of deaf/hard of hearing students, families, and communities through educating students in a language rich environment and empowering each individual to be a contributing member of society.


  • Improve Bilingual Literacy & Language Skills for students of OSD and provide resources Statewide
  • Expand Student Portfolio & Postsecondary Pathways
  • Improve External Communication & Collaboration for Students, Families, Communities and Stakeholders
  • Throughout the State
  • Improve Mental Health & Social-Emotional Supports
  • Create a Student Support Team That Evaluates Current/Future Education Issues


Our Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Education must be relevant in order to prepare students for the rapidly changing social, technical, and economic world in which they live and work
  • A barrier-free communication environment, which values both ASL and English on an equal basis, promotes a higher level of academic achievement
  • Opportunities for peer interaction and direct communication meet social, emotional, and cultural needs of our students. Our residential program plays an unique role in the high quality K through 12 educationally designed plan for students enrolled on campus
  • The educational and social experiences provided for students at OSD will assure more independent, productive, and contributing citizens 
  • OSD serves as an educational and social center of the Deaf community in the State of Ohio
  • OSD functions as a resource center for agencies serving deaf students statewide
  • The continued evaluation of our educational programs and students is necessary in order to design and implement positive educational approaches to increase student achievement
  • Outreach services result in meaningful partnerships among schools, teachers, parents, and other professionals
  • Early literacy development ensures stronger learning experiences
  • Technology, such as interactive video distance learning and computer networking, enhances teaching and learning
  • OSD is both a solution and a service provider organization


Value Statement

We value that:

  • Our students are individuals
  • Our staff members are dedicated
  • Our parents are exceptional
  • Our programs and resources are meant to be shared

Our History

The Ohio School for the Deaf (OSD) was established in 1829, making it the fifth oldest residential school in the country. Throughout our 185 year history, student achievement has been tied to access to American Sign Language. The Ohio School for the Deaf Alumni Association is responsible for the nation's only elderly care facility designed for and operated by Deaf persons. 

Our Program

OSD operates under the auspices and in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Education. A comprehensive kindergarten through grade 12 educational program provides a sequential curriculum for achievement in academic and career development areas, which is comparable to Ohio's public schools. Support services include speech therapy, psychological testing, counseling, technology instruction, library/media services, and transition to adult life. The residential program provides a wide variety of student development activities, athletics, and recreation. 

Our Bilingual/Bi-cultural Philosophy 

OSD's Bilingual/Bi-cultural Philosophy embraces and supports diversity. American Sign Language and English are both rich languages which allow deaf children access to information, a means of interacting with others, and a conduit for understanding multiculturalism. Depending on individual student's needs, either ASL or spoken English (speech, speech-reading, and use of residual hearing) can be used to promote literacy in both languages. 

Our Location

OSD is located in north central Columbus, our state's capital city. The school campus is at 500 Morse Road, two and half blocks west of Interstate 71 (exit 116). The 110 acre grounds have mature trees, flower beds, and a wooded ravine area.