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COVID-19 Dashboard: Policy Update 1/15/2021

POLICY INFORMATION UPDATE: There are changes on the COVID-19 Dashboard

Friday 1/15/21 updates were made in the Screening and Isolation section with the following updates or changes;

  1. The Flowchart link to the In-Person Participation Algorithm was updated and an image of the PDF document was added.
  2. Screening and Isolation Policy was updated, specifically
  • Students and staff must now isolate for 10 days (previously stated 14 days).
  • If your student is exposed in the classroom, the nursing team at OSD will provide direction on next steps if isolation is needed.

   These policy updates are reflected in the following policy FAQ questions

  • When should students or staff stay home from school?
  • What happens if I have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19?
  • Who will make the determination on which students and staff must be quarantined in any given circumstance?
  • What information will families and staff receive if there is a positive COVID-19 cases on campus?

       A New FAQ was added as part of the update.

  • What if the close contact to a COVID-19+ person occurred in the classroom?


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