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Face Covering Policy

OSD and OSSB COVID-19 Face Covering Policy

[Note: This policy is subject to change pursuant to state, county or city ordinances regarding face coverings or new guidance provided by the CDC, ODH, ODE, local health departments or any other prevailing authority]



All school staff members must wear a close-fitting face covering made of cloth/fabric[1] that covers the employee’s nose, mouth, and chin, unless covered by an exception recognized by the Ohio Department of Health. A face shield made of flexible plastic and cloth/fabric that wraps around the wearer’s face and covers and extends below his or her chin and neck may be an acceptable face covering under certain circumstances as determined by the Superintendent.  “Staff members” is an inclusive term and includes but is not limited to all salaried and hourly employees, vendors, contractors and volunteers.  Staff members must wear their acceptable face covering while on campus, including in the dormitories and other non-classroom buildings. 

Staff members may take mask breaks when they are alone in a closed office/room/classroom or outdoors as determined appropriate by the Superintendent or his or her designee.

A staff member may be required to answer questions and/or supply documentation as appropriate if he or she requests not to wear a face covering. The Superintendent shall make a determination on the appropriateness of a staff member’s face covering and his or her decision is final.



All students Kindergarten and above must wear face coverings while: (1) on a school bus or other school transportation, (2) in the hallways and common areas of school buildings, including in the common areas of the dormitories, and (3) in classrooms.    Students will be permitted to take scheduled meal and face covering breaks as determined appropriate by the classroom teacher and approved by the Superintendent.  Face covering breaks should be taken outside to the extent possible.  Students younger than Kindergarten shall wear face coverings as tolerated.

Requests for exceptions under this section as well as those necessary for students with a documented health or developmental condition shall be considered by the Superintendent/designee, who may request documentation justifying the exemption.

The schools will not tolerate harassment of students who are wearing face coverings or those with recognized exemptions to the face covering requirement and will appropriately discipline students or staff who harass or bully students with exemptions or engage in behavior that interferes with any student or staff member’s ability to comply with this policy.


General Provisions:

Failure or refusal to wear a required face covering by a staff member or student may result in discipline in accordance with other school policies, handbooks, and/or codes of conduct, as applicable. If a student who is required to wear a face covering does not have one, he or she will be provided an acceptable face covering by a staff member.

This policy shall supersede any conflicting provisions in other school policies, handbooks or procedures.

The Superintendent may amend these requirements as necessary to meet federal and state guidelines.


[1] The cloth/fabric part of the face covering must be at least two (2) layers of fabric. Any clear plastic portion of the face covering present to allow for accessible communication may be only one layer of plastic.



Adoption Date: 8/17/2020
Revised Date: 10/9/2020