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FAQ: Cleaning and Disinfecting

Frequently Asked Question about Cleaning and Disinfecting

View the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Cleaning and Disinfecting Policy.

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How will cleaning and disinfecting be increased with the return to in-person learning?

OSD and OSSB will have extra staff that will help in the custodial department. For example, prior to resident life returning to campus, youth leaders will be assisting the custodial department. OSD and OSSB also plan to hire cleaning companies for additional support.

Who will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting OSD and OSSB’s vehicles?

Any staff member who drives a state vehicle will be responsible for disinfecting the vehicle after use. OSD and OSSB drivers will provide additional support in this area as necessary.

What is the plan to ensure that the cafeteria is sanitized after each use?

Custodial staff will be responsible for the cleaning and disinfecting of the cafeteria. They will have additional support from the extra staff assisting their department and the contracted cleaning company.

Who will be training students on best practices for cleaning and disinfecting during COVID-19?

All staff at OSD and OSSB will work together to help our students adjust to the new normal of school during COVID-19.

Will random inspections of our facilities be conducted to ensure that proper cleaning and disinfecting is occurring?

A checklist will be provided in every classroom. A custodial supervisor will check-in regularly to ensure cleaning and disinfecting is being completed appropriately.