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FAQ: Face Coverings

Frequently Asked Question about Face Coverings

View the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Face Covering Policy.

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When can students remove their face covering while on campus?

Students will be permitted to remove their masks while on campus during scheduled meal times and for mask breaks at their teacher’s and youth leader’s discretion. Mask breaks are preferred to occur outside.

When can staff remove their face covering while on campus?

Staff can take mask breaks when they are alone in a closed office/room/classroom or outdoors.

Can my face covering have a vent?

No. This type of mask does not comply with CDC or public health guidance.

Can my face coverings have printed messages?

Yes. Face coverings may have designs, pictures or words, but must be in compliance with the school dress code for both staff and students.

Can staff remove their face coverings for communication purposes?

Many face coverings allowed by the policy will allow for effective communication while still wearing the mask. However, if it is necessary to remove the face covering to effectively communicate, that is allowed. The face covering should be removed for the shortest amount of time possible to allow for effective communication.

Will students be disciplined for not wearing a face covering?

OSD and OSSB’s face covering policy requires students to wear an appropriate face covering on campus. However, the Ohio Department of Health’s Order regarding face coverings in schools provides several exceptions for individuals who are unable to wear a face covering. OSD and OSSB understand that there will be students who fall into these categories. Forms will be available for students who are requesting to be exempt from the Face Covering Policy. OSD and OSSB intend to work collaboratively with these students and their families to determine if there is a face covering that would meet the student’s needs and still comply with our policy. If a concern arises, please discuss your concern with your supervisor.

What if a student has a cold or allergies and wearing a face covering becomes difficult?

If a student has pre-existing allergies and falls into one of the exemptions that allows the student to attend school without a face covering, OSD and OSSB will work collaboratively with the student and their family to try to find a face covering to meet the student’s needs. If a student has a cold, the student and their family will need to follow the COVID-19 Screening and Isolation Policy to determine if the student is able to attend in-person school while they are symptomatic.

If I have a concern regarding the use of face coverings or want to discuss what I believe is non-compliance of a staff member or a student, what should I do?

If you have any concerns regarding face coverings, including the appropriateness of certain face coverings, face covering exemptions, etc., please reach out to your immediate supervisor.

Will face coverings be required for athletics?

Our current policy requires all staff, students and visitors to wear a face covering while on campus. As we discuss in-person athletics returning to campus, we will re-visit the policy as it relates to athletes and sporting events.

I would like to wear a face shield. Is this permitted?

Pursuant to our policy and CDC and Ohio Department of Health guidance, face shields are only permitted if an appropriate cloth face covering is worn simultaneously. The exception to this rule is the Badger Shield Plus which combines a face shield with a cloth neck covering and which has been approved by Columbus Public Health. If you have any additional questions or requests, please reach out to your supervisor to discuss or to obtain the exemption request form.

I would like to request an exemption to the face covering policy, either to wear something not currently approved by the policy or because I do not believe I can wear a face covering at all. What should I do?

Please reach out to your immediate supervisor to discuss and to obtain an exemption request form.