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FAQ: Residential Selection

Frequently Asked Question about Residential Selection

Will dorms be closed in the event of a staffing shortage due to COVID-19? If this occurs, will residential students be asked to return to remote learning?

In the event of occurrences of COVID-19 positive cases on campus and subsequent quarantine requirements, OSD and OSSB will work closely with Columbus Public Health as to whether it is necessary to close part or all of either campus. It is possible that some or all dorms could be closed at some point in time due to staffing issues. In the event of this occurrence, residential students will have the option of continuing in-person learning as a day student if the school remains open, or the option of returning to remote learning.

Could changes occur to the number of residential students permitted in the dorms after the first semester? What will trigger these changes?

OSD and OSSB will continue to follow public health guidance from and work closely with both the Ohio Department of Health and Columbus Public Health. In the event the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 change, the schools’ policies surrounding residential life will change. Students, families and staff will be kept up to date of any changes in policy that may occur.

Can a student who signed up for remote learning ask to transfer to hybrid learning and be placed on a waitlist for residential living?

These situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In general, families who have chosen remote learning for the first semester will be required to remain in that mode of learning through the semester. Circumstances will be re-evaluated prior to the start of the second semester and families will likely be given the option to choose between remote learning and hybrid learning just as they were at the start of this semester.

Why is the residential selection policy based on a student’s distance from school?

The residential selection policy was created to remain as fair and equitable as possible to the students and to avoid any implication of bias that could arise if decisions were made subjectively on which students should be permitted to space in the dorms.

If a new student joins the school and requests to live in the dorm, but lives further away then a current student, will the new student replace the current student due to the distance policy?

No. A student will not removed from the dorms based on the arrival of a new student. The circumstances will be examined on a case-by-case basis. The new student will be allowed to come as a day student while they await space in the dorms.

What if a student’s IEP explicitly requires dorm placement and they do not quality based on the selection procedure?

Dormitory placement cannot be an IEP goal. Our residential life program is a tremendously beneficial service to students but cannot be required by an IEP.

What if a parent/guardian does not want their sibling students in the same bedroom?

That is their prerogative and will not be required. However, it is possible that it may limit the ability for their students to come to the dorms due to space issues.