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FAQ: Visitors

Frequently Asked Question about Visitors

View the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Visitor Policy.

Click the drop down arrow of each question to reveal the answer and to watch the ASL translation video (closed captions & voice interpretation provided).

Will food deliveries to staff be allowed?

Staff can meet the delivery driver at the gate to have food delivered. Food delivery drivers will not be permitted on campus at this time.

Will flower deliveries and other similar deliveries be allowed at this time?

Delivery persons will not be allowed on campus at this time. Any visitor to campus must have a prescheduled, pre-approved appointment on campus to be allowed to enter campus. Delivery driver can call security or front office to arrange delivery.

Will water jug vendors be allowed on campus to refill and maintain the water jug stations?

This will not be allowed at this time due to COVID-19. Groups can switch to individual water bottle delivery or suspend subscription until policies are able to change.