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Enrollment Process

The Ohio School for the Deaf (OSD) is a district of service. We provide education to approximately 150 students in grades PreK-12 from school districts all over Ohio.

OSD Enrollment Process

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio School for the Deaf. Students who attend OSD remain registered with their home district. OSD simply becomes the service provider for the student. The home district must request placement of a student. The potential cost(s) to a district involved in sending a student to OSD is for related/support services that OSD does not provide (e.g., weekly/daily transportation to/from OSD, 1:1 aide, etc.).

The following steps must be taken to enroll at OSD:

OSD must receive a copy of the most recent IEP and ETR. Evaluations can be completed by the Statewide Services (link to SWS page) department at OSD based on availability. OSD will review the IEP & ETR to determine whether we can serve the student. If we determine that we can, then we will contact the school district of residence to initiate the enrollment process.

Home school district responsibilities:

The school district of residence will send a letter formally requesting placement at OSD for the student.

Provide requested documentation and other school records as appropriate (i.e. - transcripts, behavior/discipline records, etc.)

Participate in the IEP amendment meeting before placement. OSD will schedule a brief (15-20 minute) change of placement/amendment meeting with the school district team members and family to discuss any items in the current IEP that need to be amended to reflect the services that the student will receive while at OSD. At this meeting, we will also determine a start date that is amenable to all parties involved.

We do have a 45-day trial period with all new students. During the trial period, we will work to ensure that all of the students’ needs are being met. If they are not, or if there are some further issues that we cannot support, we will formally ask to separate.

  1. ​Provide the agreed upon services outlined in the District Service Agreement during the placement meeting.
  2. Setup and communicate the student’s school transportation with OSD and the family/guardian.

Family/Guardian responsibilities:

  1. Contact your school district to let them know of your interest in placement at OSD.
  2. Participate in the change of placement/amendment meeting and complete the parent signature page
  3. Return the completed OSD registration forms before the student’s first day at OSD.

Important documents required as part of the registration packet:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Social Security card
  3. Transcripts/school records
  4. Health Insurance card
  5. Immunization Records