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Student Evaluation Clinic
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Due to the Governor’s current orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is OSD’s policy to continue to strongly encourage the utilization of in-depth file reviews and distance evaluations/observations to assist school districts with their evaluation requests wherever possible, as this remains the safest way to provide assessment services. However, OSD Statewide Services (SWS) recognizes that sometimes it is not possible to evaluate students through virtual-only methods and supports safely providing limited assessment services in-person in those cases where the OSD SWS evaluation team finds it necessary. (Please contact the Evaluation Coordinator with any questions).  

The OSD Statewide Services clinical team is proud to provide evaluation assistance to Ohio districts serving students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

We assist Ohio school teams by providing some of the evaluations the team and families need to complete Educational Team Reports or to plan for the child’s accommodations, instructional programing and transition. While our clinic team provides evaluations and IEP support to districts, we do not compose ETR’s for school districts. As we are the Ohio School for the deaf, we can provide unique high-quality evaluations, by expert evaluators who are specialized in testing, education and hearing loss.  

Guidelines to Request Services 

  • We only evaluate students whose primary disability is deafness. (if you have questions please contact the coordinator)
  • We do not schedule ETR Evaluations or reserve dates for districts until we have received all the completed paperwork.
  • We have limited evaluation dates for districts and they are scheduled on a first come first packet received biases. Please note completing the evaluation packet does not guarantee an evaluation date.
  • If an in-person evaluation is deemed necessary, the evaluation will occur at The Ohio School for the Deaf.
  • Currently there is no cost for our evaluations to school districts.
  • Evaluation costs are currently paid for by the Ohio School for the Deaf and the Ohio Department of Education. However, there may be related costs to the district in transportation, hotel for the family or if specialized interpreting or translators are required.
  • We provide individual evaluations for students and provide the student's home district team with reports from those evaluations. Those evaluations can be utilized in the district's evaluation team report.
  • We can offer districts the following evaluations to assist with them completing their ETRs in partnership with the LEA.
  • Our team can typically complete four thorough evaluations in one day. Please prioritize which four evaluations you would like the SWS team to complete. If the school team requires additional evaluations, please contact the team coordinator.

Evaluations We Offer

The evaluation team currently offers the following evaluations:  

  • Audiological  
  • Speech & Language  
  • Academic  
  • American Sign Language 
  • Occupational therapy (OT if it applies to deafness or hearing loss)  
  • Physical Therapy (PT if it applies to deafness or hearing loss)  
  • General Intelligence or Behavioral Evaluations (Please note these are separate evaluations)  
  • Vocational (by special arrangement with the coordinator)  

ASL Evaluations

We provide ASL evaluations for deaf/hard of hearing learners who use ASL, whether it be their primary language or secondary language. Currently, we have two evaluations we use:

  1. ASL Receptive Skills Test (ASLRST): measures children’s receptive ASL (American Sign Language) skills or their understanding of ASL grammar in phrases and sentences. It is appropriate to use with children between age of 3 and 13 years old who are learning/using ASL. It may also be used with older children whose ASL skills are considered to be delayed; however, the standard scores should be interpreted with caution in these cases.  
  2. Visual Communication Sign Language checklist: The VCSL Checklist is designed to clearly document the developmental milestones of children from birth to age 5 who are visual learners and are acquiring sign language in a user-friendly format that is accessible to parents and teachers, not just specialists and experts. 

We have two upcoming assessments we will be adding to our inventory. American Sign Language Expressive Test (ASLEST)  and Visual Communication Sign Language checklist online. ASLEST will measure children’s expressive ASL skills and is developed from the same company that provided ASLRST.  VCSL checklist assessment will allow us to store the data of needs.