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Student Health Services

About Student Health Services

The OSD Student Health Services (SHS) provides nursing and health centered services for students 24 hours a day, 5 days a week during the school year. Healthcare services are available to all students' ages three through 21 enrolled at OSD in the Early Childhood Learning Center through the Transition 4Plus program. 

Services Provided

Our professional SHS staff not only provide care to students when they are ill, but also educate and counsel them on how to prevent illness and maintain good health. SHS staff believe that good health is a vital part of each students's social-emotional development and academic achievement. In addition to providing nursing services, SHS staff consult with outside medical health professionals, including dental, visual, and psychiatric practitioners to best serve students at OSD.

SHS assists families to maintain yearly requirements for immunizations and dental exams. Mobile dental and onsite influenza clinics are offered during the school year in partnership with the local health department and external providers. SHS staff conduct annual vision screenings for students. Low Vision examinations may be conducted in conjunction with providers at The Ohio State School for the Blind as available. 

Contact Information

OSD SHS Nurses can be reached by email at osdshs@osd.oh.gov