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Middle School

Middle School

OSD students relish in the opportunities we are able to provide, whether learning about plant life in the greenhouse; studying motion, levers, and physics at the playground or bringing stories to life during in-class discussions.

The grade 6-8 students in our Middle School are eager to explore new concepts with their teachers (all highly qualified in their content areas), and especially enjoy the elective classes (art, ASL, video technology, and physical education) they rotate through on a nine-week basis.
Our Middle School staff works hard to help students succeed by incorporating study skills, social skill development, and conflict resolution into part of the academic day to provide a naturing environment to the students as they move through the different phases of adolescence. The Middle School also has a self-contained classroom for students with multiple disabilities. 

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the education of their child through school events, maintaining contact with the staff, and understanding their child's unique needs.